Kai London Stone Paper Note Books

Kai London Stone Paper Note Books are exactly what they sound like, crushed stone. It is not made from traditional wood pulp. By using Kai Stone Paper we are making leaps and bounds into protecting our planet. It is produced out of Calcium Carbonate 80% (Limestone). What that means is it does not use trees, or water or even bleach which is usually used during production.

Our ingredients are of the highest quality and comply with European Standards, Our products are vegan and cruelty free. The Kai London Community don’t wish to compromise their beliefs and ethics and compromise our planet, and that is why we at Kai London along with our expert team and suppliers have lavished our time to make sure this is now possible.

Kai London Stone Paper Note Books are an innovative system which offers a lasting and durable product. Kai London offer a wide range of colours in shades that are rich, vibrant and finishes.

Kai Stone Paper features

• Cruelty-free

• Vegan Free

• Environmentally Friendly

• Water resistant


• Chemical Free

• Energy Efficient

• Less CO2 Emissions


• 100% Recyclable

• Tear Resistant

• Durable

• Range of vibrant colours and finishes

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KAI STONE PAPER An all-in-one Stone Paper Notebook

A taste of premium quality and sustainability

What you get with KIA Kai Stone Paper Stone Paper Notebook

Saves Trees


High-Quality Clean Design

Wear and tear-resistant

Exceptional, Lasting and Caring

Exceptional, lasting and a more caring product made simply with love. Made with the highest European Standards Kai Stone Paper is made XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Kai Stone Paper assures to deliver a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Proud to be European, Tear-resistant, Waterproof cover, Expandable back pocket for storage, Thread bound to lay completely flat, Divider ribbon, Rounded covers, No bleed-through of pink through paper, Offering a wide range of colours and finishes that can be mixed to create 100’s more. No specialist tools are required, easily portable with a small footprint.


Unbelievably cost effective.

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Kai Stone Paper Bundles

Our Kai Stone Paper bundles are carefully curated to offer savings on zero-waste essentials for you and your home. Saving you money and helping to the save the planet, our bundles are 10% cheaper than buying individually.

Our Kai Stone Paper bundles are always super popular and sell out quickly. If one is currently out of stock, you can sign up to a ‘back in stock’ email notification or look for the product individually. 

Our Bundle Packages 





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